• Lisa Leconte

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 5

Who would have thought you could draw your own character 5 days into a drawing challenge?

Well, its not as hard as you think. As you see in the example below, using simple shapes that we discussed in Day 4, you can build your own character with a few basic shapes. We will discuss character and body proportions more later, but for character design, pro

portions do not need to be precise. In my example, I used a circle for the head, a trapezoid for the body and triangles for the legs and feet. 3 simple shapes for the entire character.

**Your challenge for today is to create your own simple character using the example and the following guidelines:

  1. Use a few simple shapes for the head, body and arms and legs. Keep it simple. Like the Mickey Mouse character from Day 4, you can use mostly circles and elipses if you want!

  2. Start to turn those basic shapes into more organic shapes. Soften the edges, start to add some details. Think about what the character will be wearing or what the hair will be like.

  3. Add some details. Remember, this is still a sketch, so we're not looking for perfection. Add in some darker values using a heavier weight with your pencil. Put the character on a surface.

** For a challenge - maybe try another character using different shapes!

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