• Lisa Leconte

A New Year's Intervention

Perhaps someone you know needs to hear these words. I can think of a student or two of mine who could benefit from them, ha! But, honestly, I think, at times we all need to hear it.

The holidays are gone. The New Year is here,

Indulge your hopes and cast away fear.

This is our year to realize that dream

Time to get that shit together, team!

Snuggled in bed, the alarm shrieks at 6.

"I’ll hit snooze just once", you say, its one of your tricks.

Not this year, no excuses like the past.

Its time you get your shit together, fast!

Procrastinate again? A lazy day?

Take a deep breath, we got this, eh?

I’ll cheer you on in good and bad weather.

But friend, you must get your shit together.

No time to walk, no time to run?

No more excuses, let’s get this done.

There’s time if you make it, morning or night.

Its time you get your shit together, right?

So maybe you’re already fit and healthy.

Maybe you’d like to travel, be wealthy.

Whatever your dream its time for a plan.

This year, you get your shit together, man!

We’re dealing with shit in a positive way.

Why, our shit could come together and it feels like play!

I’m kidding now, this won’t be all fun.

But your shit sure needs some work, hun.

So roll up your sleeves, and fight like a mother.

We will make this year like none other.

Set that alarm because this is it.

Coming together is all that shit!

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