• Lisa Leconte

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 1

The most basic element of drawing is line. We'll start with an introduction to line, the various types of lines and why its important to start here.

1. Types of Line. Lines can be drawn in a multitude of ways. In my example shown, I've drawn a variety of lines, straight, curvy, jagged, dashed, scribbled, etc.

These are the building blocks of all drawing. Any finished drawing or master painting, started with various types of line.

2. Quality of Line.

After exploring the types of lines, its important to think of the QUALITY of line. You could draw a perfectly drawn portrait, but if all the lines are the same weight and type, it would not be a very interesting drawing. Changing line quality throughout a drawing will make your drawing far more interesting. Note the different line qualities in the example shown. Some are thick, some thin, some softer than others.

Sketchbook Day 1 Assignment:

Fill your Day 1 page with different types of line. Then draw them again using different qualities of line. Make some thicker, heavier, draw some lightly and some with more weight.

Types of Line in Drawing

Tomorrow we'll continue drawing line but with a fun challenge...

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