• Lisa Leconte

January's 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge

Updated: Jan 4

Who is this for? If you are a novice or advanced artist, this drawing challenge is for any level. This challenge is aimed at creating or continuing a daily drawing habit to increase your drawing skills.

What to expect: Daily drawing prompts, of course, plus tips and techniques to guide you through the prompts. Day 1: Gather materials. If you have a sketchbook, great. If not, find some paper, napkins, scraps of paper, whatever! Just gather your paper in whichever form you have, grab a few pencils (more on pencils later), and put them together in one place so they are easily accessible. Always keep your materials in one place so you know where they are. Better yet, keep them in your backpack, purse, or whatever you have with you as you go about your day.

Check back tomorrow for your Drawing Challenge DAY 1!

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