• Lisa Leconte

New blog, New Year, New You?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In the spirit of the New Year ahead, I decided to redo my website and kick off with a new blog. As a parent and teacher of teenagers, I'm both enjoying the holiday break and using it to plan some new things for my students and myself.

This blog will be kicked off with a twist on the New Year's resolution. I love the idea of challenging myself. It may sound like the teacher in me, but I do think that most of us do strive to be better versions of ourselves, especially at the New Year. But trying to be that shiny new version of yourself is hard to maintain in the long term. I'm a firm believer that changing small habits daily is the way to long term success. Am I a perfect example of that? Nope! But come along with me as I blog about a different way of doing that resolution. Buckle up, its time for a resolution upgrade!

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